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Accounting Services

We work with various accountants all over the UK

Rest assured, we will introduce you with the accountant that is best suited to you and your business 

Tax Services

Estate & Trust Tax Services
We can assist you with all areas of self assessment tax returns, tax enquiries, computation of liabilities, tax disputes and correspondence with HMRC.

You need to complete a Self Assessment Tax Return if you:

– work for yourself

– are a company director

– a sole trader

– part of a partnership

– part of CIS

– are a trustee

– a Minister of religion

– Receive un-taxed income that is not collected through a PAYE tax code

Financial Advisory

As an accounting firm, expanding your services to include Financial Advisory can provide added value to your clients and broaden your service offerings. Here’s how you can highlight Financial Advisory services:

VAT Services​

VAT is complex. It is essential that your VAT returns are completed correctly in case of any investigations

There are a couple of ways we can help complete your VAT returns

We do your bookkeeping and we then complete the return for you

Give us your books and we’ll file the return for you

We complete VAT returns by deadlines to ensure you avoid any penalties.

We can also help with

Applying for VAT registration, completion of VAT registration forms and formalities

Advising if you need to be VAT registered and if it would be beneficial to register

Advising on the best VAT schemes to use suitable for your business

Advice on the VAT schemes  to suit your business

VAT planning


We can look after your payroll needs either weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or anually.

 Our Services include:

 •Employee payslips provided to staff

•Pension Integration (see our pensions section for information)

•Weekly, monthly and annual payment plans available to suit you and your company

•Real Time Information (RTI) PAYE returns for the revenue

•Processing starters/leavers/year end forms, P45, P46, P60, P35, P11D and all other payroll calculations

•Employees holiday pay, sick pay, SSP, SMP, student loan deductions

  • CIS Returns

•Unlimited help and advice throughout the year

 Initial set up fees apply

P45, P46, P60 P35, P11D ‘s are all charged separately

Book Keeping

Working for yourself can bring all sorts of stress and worries, whether that be as a sole trader, sub contractor or owning a limited company, so we aim to make at least one aspect of your business hassle free. We strive to always offer a tailored service that suits you and your business requirements.


You will be invited to meet with us to discuss your business and bookkeeping needs. Each client is individual and time spent on each clients files every month varies. We work to suit you and your budget.

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